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allMy financial institution wouldn’t give me the money I needed to finish my project although I had invested a lot and was only looking to borrow 50% value of the property. I contacted Jesse and he had me approved within 24 hours and I had the money in my bank account within 6 days.



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Alternative Construction Lenders Ontario

If you're thinking about building your dream home in Ontario, or if you’re a home builder looking for alternative construction lenders we can help. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about alternative construction lenders in Ontario, including how they work, what you need to qualify, and where to find the best deals.

What Is a Construction Lender?

A Ontario construction lender is a type of lender that is specifically focused on providing construction loans for home builders and developers in Ontario. Most alternative construction lenders are alternative lenders or also known as private lenders. It is not all private lenders which specialize in construction lending but some do and, in our opinion, those are the best to work with.

With alternative construction lenders, the disbursement schedule is typically based on specific milestones, such as the completion of the foundation, framing, or roofing. The lender will inspect the construction site at each milestone to ensure that the work has been completed according to the plans and specifications.

Construction loans usually have higher interest rates than traditional mortgages because they are considered riskier by lenders. 


Why choose our mortgage office if you’re looking for alternative construction lenders in Ontario?

If you are tired of dealing with banks and not getting the financing support you need, we can offer you the best construction Loans. Our alternative construction lenders in Ontario are competitive and they support many home builders and developers. Our lenders also have advanced methods to quickly fast-track the approval process. As a bonus, our lenders do not have any income, credit score, or presale requirements.

If your project is denied financial support by traditional banks or if you simply want to complete more projects faster, we are at your service to help you. Call (888)878-4660 and chat with us for an expert opinion about your construction projects.

We are confident that when you connect with us, we can help to remove all headaches and hassles to get you the money to start your construction or development project as soon as possible. If you have money problems for your construction projects, we have solutions.

Feel free to visit our construction loan website which shows in more details our private construction lender solutions for home builders and developers in Ontario. The website is:

Our mortgage office specializes in providing bad credit construction loans in Ontario. We have years of experience working with individuals who have bad credit, and we understand the challenges that you may be facing.

When you choose our mortgage office for your bad credit construction loan, you can expect:

  • Flexible eligibility requirements
  • Personalized service 
  • Experience construction mortgage agent
  • Fast construction approvals
  • Expert advice & guidance


Alternative construction lenders in Ontario are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease and convenience of securing funding for construction projects. Unlike traditional lenders, alternative construction lenders are more flexible in their lending criteria and can often provide funding to homeowners who may not meet the strict lending requirements of traditional banks.

At our mortgage office, we work with a network of alternative construction lenders in Ontario to help home builders and developers secure funding for their construction projects. We understand that every home builder’s situation is unique, and we work closely with you to find the best solution.

One of the main advantages of working with our mortgage office is our ability to provide quick and efficient service. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to construction projects, and we work hard to ensure that our clients receive their funding in a timely manner.

When it comes to securing funding for a construction project in Ontario, it is important to work with a reputable lender who has experience in the industry. We also understand the importance of transparency when it comes to lending. That's why we are upfront about our lending criteria and our fees. We believe that our clients should have a clear understanding of the terms of their loan before they sign any paperwork, and we work hard to ensure that our clients are fully informed throughout the lending process.

Another advantage of working with alternative construction lenders in Ontario is the flexibility that they can offer. Traditional banks often have strict lending criteria that can make it difficult for most home builders in Ontario to qualify for a loan. Alternative construction lenders, on the other hand, can be more flexible in their lending criteria and may be able to provide funding for numerous construction projects simply based on the security.

Below is a list of words that are associated with getting a construction loan. We are providing you the list along with their definitions to help you in your construction journey:

Closing costs: the fees associated with finalizing a mortgage or real estate transaction, including things like appraisal fees, title insurance, and attorney fees.

Lien: a legal claim against a property, usually filed by a creditor who is owed money by the property owner.

Mortgage broker: a middleman who helps borrowers find and apply for mortgages, typically by working with a network of lenders.

Construction-to-permanent loan: a type of mortgage that allows borrowers to finance both the construction and the long-term financing of a new home or other real estate project.

Builder's risk insurance: insurance that protects against damage or loss during the construction process.

Certificate of occupancy: a document issued by a local government agency that certifies that a newly constructed building meets all local building codes and is safe for occupancy.

Construction contract: a legal agreement between a property owner and a contractor that outlines the terms and conditions of a construction project.

Disbursement: the process of releasing funds from a construction loan to pay for materials, labor, and other expenses.

Contingency fund: a reserve of money set aside to cover unexpected expenses that may arise during the construction process.

Loan-to-value ratio: a comparison of the amount of money borrowed to the value of the property being purchased.

Interest-only loan: a type of loan in which the borrower only pays interest for a set period of time, with the principal due at the end of the loan term.

Balloon payment: a large, one-time payment due at the end of a loan term, typically used in conjunction with interest-only loans or other non-traditional mortgage products.

Loan servicing: the process of collecting loan payments, managing escrow accounts, and other administrative tasks related to mortgage loans.

Loan origination: the process of applying for and obtaining a mortgage loan.

Escrow: a financial account held by a third party, typically used to hold funds for property taxes, insurance, and other expenses.

Homeowner's insurance: insurance that protects against damage to a home or other property, typically required by lenders as a condition of a mortgage loan.

Title search: a process in which a title company reviews public records to ensure that there are no outstanding liens or other claims against a property.

Surety bond: a type of insurance that guarantees that a construction project will be completed according to the terms of a contract.

Construction loan: a short-term loan used to finance the construction of a new home or other real estate project.

Draw schedule: a timeline of when and how much money will be disbursed during the construction process, usually based on certain milestones being met.

Appraisal: an estimate of the value of a property, typically done by a professional appraiser.

Title insurance: insurance that protects the lender and/or the homeowner against any title defects or disputes that may arise.

Construction Inspection: a process in which a professional inspector examines a property to ensure that it meets all relevant safety codes and standards.

Architect: a professional who designs buildings and oversees their construction.

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