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allJesse helped us to use the equity in our home to do some landscaping, build a fence and pay for our daughter's education. Even with a very low credit scores, he was able to give us a good mortgage rate. After 2 years our credit had improved and Jesse got us approved with a traditional bank and got us the lowest 5 year fixed rate in Canada. We are very impressed with his knowledge and services.

Mark and Lynn
Mortgage Agent Licence #M15002246 (Ontario License)
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CHIP Reverse Mortgages New Brunswick

A CHIP Reverse Mortgages in New Brunswick can be attained by contacting my office. As a CHIP Reverse Mortgage Specialist serving the New Brunswick market I can help assess your situation to see if a CHIP Reverse Mortgage is the perfect mortgage for you.

Through the CHIP Reverse Mortgage in New Brunswick, homeowners 55+ living in New Brunswick can generally access up to 65% of the current appraised value of their principal residence. The exact amount available with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage will depend on your age as well as the location and type of home you own.

The funds for a CHIP Reverse Mortgage are tax-free and there are no restrictions on how you may use the funds – with the exception that any outstanding loans secured by the home must be paid off from the proceeds of the CHIP Reverse Mortgage. You can use the money to renovate your home, consolidate debts to invest, or simply to improve your lifestyle. The money can be used for anything you wish.

You can choose to take a lump sum or you can choose to take the funds over time. There are no regular mortgage payments required monthly and the loan does not become due until the home is sold or if you and your spouse move out. Interest is added on to the original amount borrowed. When the amount is repaid, all remaining equity in the home belongs to you the homeowners (or your estate).

You continue to own your home. There is no change in title. You also remain responsible for property taxes, home insurance, and all their regular household bills and home maintenance.

As a mortgage specialist and recipient of an award for Top Canadian Mortgage Team* my experience will provide you with better interest rates and solutions for your situation. With my extensive work experience I am able to provide solutions and advice for any situations related to home mortgage loans.

It is your money. I wish you will take time to discuss and inquire with me for what suits you better. My expert analytical input and expert opinion should help you to make a money saving decision for you and your family and provide you effective positive solutions for your situation. You can call me at 1(888)878-4660 or fill out my simple application form on top of my website to start the process for your mortgage situation. As I work in mortgages full time, your call is my priority. I am looking forward to working with you according to your needs.



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